Bankruptcy Lawyers

Is it a good idea to hire the bankruptcy lawyer?

No law states that you must use the service of the bankruptcy attorney. There are a lot of people preferring to solve the problem by their own. However we can surely state that the lawyer can appear to be the real advantage for you in any case of bankruptcy.

The first advantage is that he knows exactly how to deal with the modern laws which became significantly complicated since 2005. All the paperwork will not bother you anymore.

You will get more advantages in the correct listing of your assets. This will help you to avoid unnecessary loss of property. Also the papers will be filled out correctly – this is really important since the papers with mistakes will let the court to dismiss your case.

Here are the pros the attorney is able to give you:

  • free consultation before the work starts;
  • protection from collectors and creditors;
  • legal advice for any case;
  • the paperwork you will not have to do;
  • absolute peace in your mind.

That’s why it’s really a good option to find the attorney who specializes on your case, shall it be Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or any other.  

How to choose the attorney?

It’s not easy to opt for the attorney from the big company or from the small firm. The main difference is in price of course since the big companies ask for big fees. On the other hand there’s higher chance to meet the real expert in the bankruptcy case.

When considering the small firm, you might get more attention, which is usually needed in case or the hard debt. On the other hand these attorneys are sometimes less experienced. Some of them rely on the other specialists.

In either case you might come to feeling that you’re somewhat lost in case since you’re just “one in a shuffle” and the attorney just doesn’t have enough time to bother with your case.
To define if the attorney is right for you, consider those who offer the first consultation for free.

Turn to your state bar association to find the suitable attorney. There you will be given the list of legal attorneys within your easy reach.

You can as well ask your bankruptcy court for this information or check the records of NACBA (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney).

How to deal with the attorney?

When the attorney is chosen, arrange the free consultation to see if he’s professional enough to solve your case. He will review your particular situation and give the first advices and directions.

The first consultation might go over the phone; still for the best result you shall visit him in person. Before going to the attorney do your homework by learning the specialties of your bankruptcy case. It’s a good case since you will be paying for the attorney’s service. So it’s better for you to understand what he’s offering.

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