Selecting the Right Debt Management Company

The optional choice of a Debt Management Company

There are times when you appear to be facing a lot of credits. The debt becomes overwhelming and you start seeking the way out. There are several ways of reducing the debt stress in USA, still it’s important not only to choose the right way, but also the right company among the multiple options. Each company claims to be the best solution of your problems, yet not any of them really is. So, which debt management company is the best one?

Here is the list of factors which can help you in your choice:

  • Reputation;
  • Accreditation;
  • The structure of fees;
  • Services.

The first thing you shall define about any of debt management companies is if it is non-profit or not. In the last case you might expect some charges, while the non-profit companies will most likely be legitimate, since they are approved by the government. Also these non profit debt management companies are usually more eager to help the consumer.


Another focus of your attention must be the accreditation. It might take place in the American Association of Debt Management Organizations, the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies, or in the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. If none of these organizations accredited your company, you might want to look for the other option in USA.


This is one of the main keys in the industry. Do not hesitate to ask your friends and business partners about their knowledge of the given company. You can also check the Better Business Bureau opinion. Any complains on the chosen company are obviously the bad sign.

Fee structure

Take your time to define whether the company charges adequate fees. The usual fees are from $10 to $40 per month, the highest payments are usually asked by the top debt management companies. Most of companies will also prefer for you to pay on their account rather than directly to creditors. In this case you shall find out when and in what amount will your money be sent as a payment. See if there are any additional fees for the use of company services. Also it’s important to know the consequences of late payments or the miss of a payment.

The offered services

The minimal amount of services offered by the debt management company should be the repayment plan given in the written form. Usually it goes with some financial or budgeting help. Find out, which services your company offers. The best debt management companies tend to offer the full set of services and information guides.

How to make the wise choice

All these recommendations will surely ease your choice, still the final decision will depend on who you’re comfortable working with. The manager is not just the person giving you the plan of payments. It’s also your partner and your advocate, so he shall be the one you can surely rely on.

Why credit counseling?

Basically everything the manager does you can do on your own without any help from the third party. Still a lot of creditors tend to listen to the manager more than to some random person. This leads for the credit counselors to get lower rates them regular people usually do. Moreover they can assist you and offer a lot of needed help, which means you might not be self-disciplined person to enroll the program.

How can I make a debt management plan in USA?

Can I get information for free or shall I pay the fee?
The information about the agency is always free. They shall not even ask you about your financial situation in order to answer easy questions. If so-called the best debt management company is eager to know your situation, they’re more interested in your payments, than in your credit.

What will be the effect on the credit?

Define the way your debt management plan is going to be reported to the credit bureau. Your credit report might not be immediately updated. Still when you file for credit counseling program, the other credits will most likely be denied.

Are there any other options?

There are a lot of options for the person having troubles with the finances. Do not rely on the companies who can only offer you the DMP as the solution for any financial problem.

How will I pay the credit?

You shall remember to pay to the creditors on time and in full amount. In case the credit counselor doesn’t pay on time, your credit history will be severely affected. Moreover if two or more payments are missed, the creditor will most likely cancel the DMP and reinstall the minimum payments and the rates.

Can I afford the given schedule?

Keep in mind that you’ve turned to an agency because the rates are too high for you to pay. If you see that the payment schedule doesn’t suite you, you simply get no benefits.

What's about the fees?

Check for the fees to be reasonable. You’re coming here in order to solve the debt program, so there’s nothing good in charging you of a great fee. The fee shall be no more than 20% of what you gain, look for the other option. The good debt management companies will keep their fees low.

Can I see what’s happening on my account

Check your account regularly to be sure your payments have arrived and they’re received in time. This is the most effective way to control your money offered by reputable debt management companies.

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