Debt Management

Debt management is the best solution for the debt problem

A lot of people all around the world tend to resort to Debt Management Plans each month. They all are looking for the qualified debt management services, and be sure they find them here. Our advisors offer the clear picture of the problem solution in the atmosphere of the total confidentiality. That is what all the clients are looking for.

Each of the managers working here understands the impact the debt causes on people, they do know about the huge physical and emotional stress along with the problems the people experience at home with their families. The money problem is usually unexpected while being the result of sudden illness or other drastic change in life. This might be also caused by the divorce.

Most of people in these situations do not feel like reorganizing their payments and try to go on with their credits. Still due to the significant changes in their situation they mostly appear in hands of creditors craving for their debts.

If you feel like it's your case and the monthly payments are pulling all your money, you're really stuck in the debt problem. Still there is good news here, since we can easily help you to get back on your feet and solve your problem with no risks and worries. Get rid of stress and life a happy life.

Our services include these ways of possible help: 

  • we are ready to deal with all your creditors; 
  • we decrease your interest rates to the minimum level; 
  • we offer the plan with affordable monthly payments for the combined unsecured debts; 
  • we always take your individual requirements into consideration; 
  • all we do is strictly confidential.

 What's good in using the services of the debt management company?

We are the leading management company, which guarantees the high professional level. A lot of people turn to us with their financial problems. As a result we achieve the perfect experience in the field of working with all kinds of debts like: 

  • personal loans; 
  • store cards; 
  • credit cards; 
  • overdrafts; 
  • catalogue cards etc.

 Some people try to economy their funds and get some financial freedom. That is why they plan their own plan and interact with the creditors. They count on success since the debt management plan is created to ease the financial situation.

Still, the process of the negotiation is really stressful, since the creditors know you and have interacted with you for a whole already. The agreement is unstable and the problems might not go away even after your efforts.

Here are the main advantages of using the services of the qualified experts of the debt management company: 

  • no hassles, since we interact directly with your creditors; 
  • no more charges, as we freeze the interest rates of your lenders; 
  • no legal actions against your property; 
  • no new credits, since we do not base the solution of the current debt on making the new one; 
  • consultations for free with the total confidence; 
  • no obligations, as we' re only suggesting the options without any pressure.

 How you can clear your debts with the help of the debt management?

The main feature of the debt management is creation of the new repayment plan for the credit agreement that already exists. The creditors tend to accept the offer since they understand the options: either they get less with the debt consolidation program, or they deny the offer and get nothing at all since the person states the bankruptcy.

The first step to get the services of the debt consolidation company is to complete the online enquiry form or to call to the company. After that the real work begins.

At the start you with the help of manager fix the limits of budget enough for a normal living. This is the untouchable amount in any case. Then your financial situation is generally overviewed in order to fix the amount of money you're ready to pay monthly without drastic circumstances. This is the perfect way for you and your creditors to be perfectly happy, since each of you gets what he wants.

The debt management solution provided by professionals

The online form on our site is the easiest way to get the optimum management solution for your debts. You will only need several minutes to write down the special features of your situations, so that out specialists are able to find the way out. If you're not in the mood to wait, you're free to make a call and get the answers right away.

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Company Information

Consolidebt is a debt relief referral company, which helps to pay off your debts in 12 - 36 months, in most cases. We will work with you, step by step, to simplify your monthly commitments, consolidate your monthly payments into one affordable monthly payment (on the date of your choice), and, depeding on the program, either disperse to your creditors on your behalf or work with you to settle your debts.